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What do the others say?

"under her care he grew in confidence!"


We have known Jenny for over 4 years. She worked at the school my son attended. She was his teacher for 2 years and during the time he was under her care he grew in confidence and ability. His grades improved and his English excelled. She managed to get the best out of him during this time. We were so impressed that we have asked her to tutor our daughter with maths. She struggles with maths and her confidence, and already in a couple of session Jenny has managed to encourage her to have a go at questions she would have usually shied away from. I wholeheartedly recommend Jenny as a tutor. 

Mrs G (Y5 pupil)

"Time flies!"

I really enjoy my sessions with Jenny. I always felt that I would never be good at maths, but when I work with Jenny she makes me realise I can do it. I can never quite believe it when she says the hour is up- my mum tells me that time flies when you're having fun. Thank you, Jenny!

Zak- Y6 pupil

"positive, up-beat and encouraging"

We have been learning with Jenny for a few months now and I have been very pleased with the progress my son has made. Having worked previously as a teacher at his junior school, we were familiar with her positive, up-beat and encouraging style and were confident about her excellent knowledge of the middle years curriculum. This meant she has complemented his school study very well and given him depth, confidence and reinforcement in his key learning areas. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a tutor. 

Mrs E (Y6 pupil)

"fun and engaging"

Jenny has been tutoring our son, who is 10 years old, during the Spring and Summer terms (2018).  We have found Jenny to be very friendly and reliable and we all look forward to seeing her. Our son is enjoying his sessions, which are fun and engaging, and Jenny seems to be getting the best out of him. We have noticed an improvement in his confidence with his work. We would recommend Smart tutoring to anyone considering tutoring for their child.

Mrs B (Y5 pupil)

"detailed and honest feedback"

Thank you, Jenny, for all your hard work preparing Ben for his 11+ examination. Your expert knowledge and experience always shone through and you helped to give him a really solid grounding in all of the required skill areas. Your sessions with Ben were fun and engaging, whilst at the same time challenging him to reach outside his comfort zone. I also really appreciate the time you spent giving me detailed and honest feedback after each session. I have already recommended you to several friends - thank you!  

Mrs W (Y5 pupil)

"her energy and enthusiasm is infectious"

I highly recommend Jenny (SMART Tutoring). She has worked with both of my children, both in terms of helping them prepare for important exams, and to generally boost their Maths and English in areas where they were struggling. She not only makes each session great fun, she also ensures that every session gives them easy to remember strategies for improving their work on an on-going basis.  Each session is carefully planned by Jenny in advance of arriving, and as a parent I am always given comprehensive feedback at the end of each session.

Jenny’s years of experience as a prep school teacher means she can quickly assess areas to focus on with each child - and I cannot thank her enough for what she done for my children over the past couple of years.  Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and her ability to get even the most reluctant child producing work they never believed they were capable of is just incredible.  In fact, as well as imparting essential skills and knowledge, one of the most valuable things she did for my children was to instil them with confidence in themselves that they could do it!  

Mrs C (Y5 & Y8 pupils)

"wonderful tutor who engages my children"

Jenny from SMART Tutoring has tutored my three children for approximately four years. She always tailors the teaching to suit the individual child- in order to achieve the best from them.

I have to say she is a wonderful tutor who engages my children - their want to learn, achieve and do their very best has increased dramatically!

Thank you Jenny and SMART Tutoring!!

Mrs S (Y3, Y6 and Y8 pupils)

"her patience and dedication is admirable"

Jenny was fantastic for our son Archie. He can be a tricky character and she really took the time to work out how he ticks and the best way to tutor him. Her patience and dedication to individuals is admirable and she has a knack for getting the best out of him. I could never have tutored him myself and I’m so grateful for her enthusiasm. Thanks for everything! 

Mrs Y (Y5 pupil)